Adults & Youth (Ages 14+)

Adult Monthly Fees

$70 per month

Adult Annual Fees

$550 per year, one payment

$150 per quarter, 4 payments

$55 per month, 12 payments

Youth Monthly Fees

$50 per month

Youth Annual Fees

$420 per year, one payment

$115 per quarter, 4 payments

$42 per month, twelve payments

Come try a complimentary class. Call ahead to let us know you are coming. You must wear track pants, a T-shirt, and no jewelry. If you decide you would like to continue to study Aikido you will be required to purchase a dogi (training uniform).

Individual classes may be canceled at the sole discretion of the dojo cho.  Membership dues are non-refundable.


We train in a traditional white aikido dogi. You are free to purchase your dogj from any supplier. They must be all white and they must be designed for aikido or judo. It is our uniform and we need them to be uniform and they need to function properly.  We can order your dogi for you. The cost ranges from $65 to $95 depending on the size, taxes included, and payment is given when you place your order. The dogis usually arrive within five business days of placing the order.

dogi and hakama

Once your reach the level of black belt you are then allowed to train in a hakama as well.  This is a pair of black pleated pants which is worn over the regular dogi.  The legs are very baggy and it looks like a skirt when worn.  The cost of the hakama is approximately $100.



A bokken is a training instrument in Aikido.  It replica wooden sword 1 meter in length and is used to help us understand the movements of the techniques that we use in Aikido.  The bokken is not used as a weapon.  Aikido is a weaponless art but we do train against weapons so we can learn how to disarm an attack by someone with a weapon.  You will need to purchase your own bokken for training.  The cost is $35 when ordered with other items. 



A tanto is a replica wooden knife about 8 inches in length.  It is used to help us learn how to defend against a knife attack.  It is not necessary to purchase your own tanto.  You may if you wish and the cost is $14.



The jo is the weapon studied in Jodo.  It is a 4 ft wooden staff used to defend against a sword attack.  In Aikido the weapon is used to understand how to defend against it and to help us understand the movements of Aikido better.  Aikido was developed from sword work and the jo is also founded on the sword movement.  You do not have to purchase a jo.  Many Aikido-ka do own a jo as it is valuable training tool and an interesting weapon to study.  If you would like to purchase one it cost $35.



Note: All prices on this page are suject to change without notice.



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