SenseiDanShihonageSensei Dan Boyle, Nidan

Sensei Dan Boyle has been studying martial arts since 1985.  He began his studies in karate.  First in the style of Wado Ryu and after four years changed to the style of Matsubayashi-Ryu. 

In 2001 Sensei Boyle began his studies in Yoshinkan Aikido at the Bushinkan Dojo in Quinte West, Ontario under the instruction of Sensei Jim Arsenault, Sandan.  In December of 2005 Sensei Boyle received his Shodan (first degree) Black Belt from Sensei Arsenault.

In 2006 Sensei Arsenault had a military transfer to Nova Scotia and Todd Fleck, Sandan  who had just had a military transfer back to Trenton took over as dojo cho (chief instructor) of the Bushinkan Dojo.  It was under the instruction of Sensei Todd Fleck and Sensei James Murray, Yondan, that Sensei Boyle was achieved his rank of Nidan (second degree) Black Belt in January 2010.

In September of 2010 Sensei Todd Fleck was transfered out of Trenton.  He is now located in Nova Scotia.  The license for Bushinkan Dojo went with Sensei Fleck and he has established a new dojo under this name in his home town. 

Sensei Boyle took over the teaching duties of the students from Bushinkan Dojo in Quinte West.  In September of 2014 Sensei Boyle aquired his own dojo license from the Aikido Yoshinkai Foundation under the name Wasenkan Dojo.  In December of the same year Sensei Boyle was graded to the level of Sandan (third degree). Sensei Boyle is licensed to grade up to the Shodan level.


Sensei Boyle is also a doctor of chiropractic and he brings this expertise into the dojo always looking for ways to make sure training is effective and safe.  Sensei Boyle also believes a spiritual pursuit in life is important and he does bring in the teaching of O’Sensei Ueshiba as well as his own personal studies on these matters.






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